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About Me


Welcome to AuDHD Rabbit!

I'm Jodie, a Neuroqueer Autistic/ADHD (AuDHD) mum of 2 AuDHD kids and 2 (awesome) house rabbits.


I live in Perth, Western Australia (although I'm originally from the UK and arrived here via New Zealand) and I am a passionate advocate of Dis/Ability Justice (and social justice in general).

This site began life as Accomplish Inclusion and was originally going to be focused on inclusive education (I'm a qualified early childhood and primary teacher with a Masters of Inclusive Education) but as I'm no longer teaching, I decided to move away from the focus on education.

The site's name is reference to both my love of rabbits, and also to the books All Cats are Autistic and All Dogs Have ADHD. Because I believe All Rabbits are AuDHD (I plan to write a blog post to explain this at some point, so watch this space!).

I am currently completing my Master of Philosophy, researching AuDHD Identity and Wellbeing. My research is grounded in Critical Dis/Ability Studies and Neurodiversity Studies, through a Neuroqueer and Dis/Ability Justice lens.


I'm looking forward to sharing my research in the coming months and I'm hoping to eventually continue my research to PhD level (you could say research is my 'special' interest!). I'll also (hopefully!) be sharing plain English, accessible information about dis/ability and social justice theory and research to increase awareness of important issues.

I am also currently working as a project lead for Empowered Connections, the capacity building arm of Valued Lives Foundation. My project focuses on co-designing online tools and resources for disabled people^ and I will share links to these as the project progresses.


^ I use disabled instead of people with disability as a political statement about the social construction of dis/ability

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